Sinead's ICN Comp Prep Stack


Season A has already started and in Tasmania we are only a few weeks out from the ICompete Natural Tasmania Show in Hobart. Everyone competing is probably starting to feel it now. The workouts are getting a bit harder and the itch to just get up on stage is getting stronger.

Below are the supplements I use during comp prep. About a week or two before competing I cut out all supplements (except dairy free protein).

My favourite Bioflex Nutrition supps for comp prep

BioLife Protein

This one is a supplement I always use! In prep it's particularly handy because it's an easy on-the-go meal.

Protein as a macro-nutrient increases satiety, reduces the breakdown of muscle and promotes muscle repair. All of these are very complimentary to a successful comp prep!

BioLife also helps me hit my protein target without going over on fat or carbs.

Being vegan, my protein sources typically have either a moderate to high carb or fat content. This can make trying to stick to lower calories and specific macro targets challenging when using wholefood sources of protein.

It’s soy and gluten free with no artificial colours or sweeteners. I know how my body reacts to it and I’m not over-doing the soy.


I tend to get a bit ‘tofu-ed’ out during prep! It cures my sweet cravings! My go-to desert is Chocolate BioLife protein powder and mixed berries!

Day Shred

I use this only when I’m prepping.

It has caffeine to help me kick start my day and a few natural ingredients that - when combined with everything else - can help increase metabolism and decrease hunger levels.

Night Shred

Once again, I only use this during prep.

It contains amino acids, which promote recovery whilst sleeping. As a vegan it can be hard to get certain amino acids from food sources.


This is another product I use all year around.

When I’m tired it gives me the energy to go to the gym and smash out a workout!

It's super handy during prep when you’re doing two sessions a day and you need all the energy you can get!


Alcar Pro

This is 100% Acetyl L Carnitine. It contains everything you need and nothing you don't!

Alcar Pro helps use stored fat for energy so it's super helpful when prepping and trying to maintain as much muscle as possible. It helps when you want those abs to show!

It also can improve mood and cognitive function, which helps keep the hangry-ness and comp prep brain at bay.

If you need any help with any Bioflex Nutrition supplements, comment below. Best of luck with the rest of your prep!