My Off Season Bioflex Supplements

Get the most out of your nutrition and training regime by incorporating these supplements into your current diet. These are the top six supplements I take during my off season. I use them all for different purposes and all of them work together to ensure I'm in peak physical form for growth and recovery.

This supplement regime is primary aimed at people seeking to build muscle and/or increase performance.


1. Hydroflex Protein 

This is a rapidly absorbed hydrolyzed whey protein. I use this post workout and before bed to boost protein intake and increase muscular recovery.

2. RecoverX

Made from 100% free form amino acids, this rapidly absorbed supplement can help with faster recovery. I use this intra workout to keep my body from going into a catabolic state whilst training at a high intensity.


3. Creaflex

Creatine Monohydrate has been proven to aid in increased strength and muscle volume. I use this intra workout to keep muscle ATP production topped up and aid in muscle cell hydration while working out.

4. BioCharge Pre Workout

This blend of amino acids and caffeine has been formulated for increased energy and endurance. I use this before workouts when I need a little extra mental focus and endurance.


5. Jointz Capsules

Combining Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM, these capsules aid those who train hard and are susceptible to injury. I use these daily to keep my joints healthy while undertaking heavy weight training.

6. Protein Pancakes

These easy to make pancakes not only taste great, but also contain 40g of protein per serve. I eat these as a nice alternative to my usual breakfast, mostly on the weekends. Who doesn’t love pancakes?


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