Meet Australian Spartan Competitor Carrie Mill

We're stoked to introduce you to our latest Bioflex Nutrition ambassador - Carrie Mill. Carrie has always been a lover of health and fitness, but has just taken her fitness journey to a whole new level!

Carrie takes on Channel Seven's Australian Spartan

That's right! Carrie is one of this year's Australian Spartan competitors! This brand new strength and agility show airs for the first time at 7pm this Sunday the 25th of February on Channel Seven and you'll find Carrie right up in the action!

This challenging show hosts a series of heats and semi-finals which will see ten grand finalists battle it out in an extended Spartan course where only two teams will succeed. After that the final two race simultaneously in the grand final, with the winning team scoring $150,000.

Carrie's part of Team VP Vanguard from Queensland. She's joined forces with gym owners Phil and Stacey to battle it out against the other 35 teams!

Hosted by Edwina Bartholomew and Hamish McLachlan, Australian Spartan tackles an epic obstacle course of both wet and dry areas. Featuring a 90kg tyre swing and a 14 metre long obstacle course filled pool, this high skill course is sure to challenge even the fittest of teams.

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More about Carrie

Carrie is a 37 year old, full time primary school teacher and mother of two by day and an Australian Spartan by night.

She's always been an active person, playing state level basketball for 18 years and still coaching kid's basketball teams now.

Carrie describes herself as honest, funny and a bad loser.

She tends to eat very healthily most of the time, but has a weakness for wood-fired pizza and lollies.

Carrie also uses supplements to aid in her recovery from intense training sessions and loves our BioFurnace for Women in Chocolate and BCAA Pro in Lemonade.


Q & A with Carrie before Australian Spartan

We had a chat to Carrie recently about her upcoming stint in Australian Spartan. To say she's excited for the show to begin would be an understatement.

Have you always had a passion for health and fitness?

I have always been insanely competitive, I love winning and competing in anything. My fitness and training level has always been driven by this. I love looking and feeling strong and healthy!

You’re a teacher and mother of two, how do you find time to fit in your training?

To fit it all in I start my days at 4:00am! Making my day start that little bit earlier gives me the extra time I need to train. Don’t look at training as a chore! I use my gym time for “me time” playing my favourite music and zoning out, not answering any questions, not looking after anyone. It's just me kicking some ass!

What’s your current workout schedule like leading up to Australian Spartan?

My training leading into Australian Spartan really has gone to the next level. I am training twice a day, six days a week. A mix of cardio, HIIT training, weights, long distance running and also a little bit of gymnastics and calisthenics type training.

Have you changed up your diet leading up to Australian Spartan?

My food varies based on my training for that day or the next day. I eat a high protein, low fat diet with an amazing breakfast! I love what I eat because it’s easy to prepare and delicious!


We wish Carrie the best of luck in Australian Spartan. Look out for her when it first airs this Sunday at 7pm on Channel Seven.

To follow Carrie's journey in the show, check out her Instagram.