Intermediate Bodybuilding Training Program

Kane comes from a family of bodybuilders and began weight training at just 15 years old. He took home a first place trophy at the Victorian Bodybuilding Championships in 2015 and is competed in the IFBB Victorian Championships and the Arnold Classic both early in 2017.


Here is his current training program.

Kane's Training Program

If you're an intermediate bodybuilder you can give it a try too.

  • Training Split: Legs, push and pull day.
  • Training days: Three on, one off and repeat.
  • Training Frequency: High.
  • Training Volume: Medium  to high.
  • Training Principles: Progressive overload.

Why progressive overload?

Progressive overload is the concept of gradually increasing the exercise demand on your body to achieve continued improvement.

The body is amazing and capable of adapting to the physical demands that are placed on it. This is why an exercise becomes easier the more it is done.


For example, someone who has never completed a push up may find doing a single push up very challenging. If they completed a single push up every second day, they would soon find they are able to complete two push ups and so on.

Progressive overload is essential in order to continue becoming fitter, stronger and to improve in your training. Achieving β€œoverload” during exercise can be done by:

  1. Increasing the load i.e. complete the exercise using more resistance/a heavier weight.
  2. Increasing the quantity by adding more repetitions or additional sets.

Ensure that as your workout becomes easier to complete, you up the ante; you will enjoy the progress and benefits!

Training Programming

Check out my legs. push and pull days below. Complete one each day for three days, then have a day off. Use weights which challenge you and start lighter to warm up.


Leg Day


Push Day


Pull Day