Changes to Country of Origin Labelling in Australia

cool-bioflex.jpgChanges to the Country of Origin Labelling Laws in Australia

Did you hear about the Country of Origin labelling changes here in Australia? In case you've AWOL recently, we'll give you a quick update on the changes that affect our packaging!

New Country of Origin Labels

As you probably know, Australia has had country of origin labels for years.

Does “Made with Australian and Imported Ingredients” ring a bell? These kinds of statements were the extent of our country of origin labels, until now.

From this financial year, The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) have changed the way foods need to be labelled in Australia and it allows greater transparency about where ingredients come from.

This hasn't happened all of a sudden but has been a two-year transition period to an improved labelling system. Now all food packaged in and imported to Australia from July 1st are required to comply with the Country of Origin Food Labelling Information Standard 2016.

Why has it changed?

The changes have been made to better disclose where food and ingredients used in food products are grown, sourced, packed and made with easy to read labels.

These Country of Origin Labels contain a statement about where the food was produced, grown, made or packaged, and Australian food carries the kangaroo symbol and an indication of the proportion of Australian ingredients by weight through a statement and a bar graph. See these table below for examples...

Do the new laws affect how Bioflex products are made?

Nope! Our products continue to be manufactured at our factory in southern Tasmania and we still use the same high-quality ingredients we always have.

The only change is a new label included on our packaging which informs you of where ingredients are sourced and tells you that each of your favourite products are packed right here in Australia.

You may notice a subtle change that bags now say ‘Packed In’ rather than ‘Made In’. This change in wording is due to the new legislation requirements, but once again all our products are still (and always will be) manufactured here in Australia.

As a local Aussie company we choose local wherever possible. From ingredients such as oats and flavours to our team working onsite in Tasmania to create your favourite products.

In the future

With the legislation rolling out, more and more companies will be making the switch to new Country of Origin labels. You’ll find them on all packaging, including everything you buy at the supermarket and sports and nutritional supplements you buy elsewhere.

Not all companies are compliant as of yet as they implement the changes. We expect to see a few companies that are claiming ‘Made In’ when by the new law they should say ‘Packed In’. However, the ACCC has stated they’ll be conducting market surveillance checks on 10,000 food products to ensure businesses are correctly displaying the new labels.

We hope you feel better informed of the new Country of Origin labels on our products. For more info, head to the ACCC website or get in touch with our team!