Carrie's Australian Spartan Training

I love training. I love the smack talk and banter beforehand. I love the feeling of working hard and the awesome feeling when you're done. But more than that I love winning. I don’t know if I love winning or I just hate losing... Either way I have been this way for as long as I can remember.

Board games, traffic lights, treadmills, everything and anything can be won. I will try to win it, or rage quit if I don’t. All spells fun times right?

My motivation for competing in Australian Spartan


When my training has a focus (aka winning something) I am at my very best. Every rep, every lift, every km counts and I know it. This is where Australian Spartan comes in.

What an amazing and completely unknown test!

How do I even start to prepare for something like this? YouTube that’s how. Let the Spartan YouTube marathons begin.

And what do I see mud running, hanging, mud climbing, more running, water, barbed wire, more mud and more hanging. Should be easy enough... Right?

Except, I have never run a Spartan Race. In fact, I've never run further than 5km in my life and never completed an obstacle course.

Holy moly! What have I done to myself?

My current training


So it begins. Running, more running, weight vests, swimming, hijacking playgrounds and hanging after running. I've now done everything. Even a night time obstacle course and a sneaky 10km fun run.

Because I have a whole 24 hours in every day, I add in evening sessions with specific weight training around grip strength. This is basically hanging from stuff with weight a vest on... After running.

My training week starts to resemble a cross between a zombie apocalypse and the movie 300, although far less abs and fortunately far less blood.

The next few weeks have flown by in a training blur. I have started to notice my grip strength improving... But running is still not the best.

My family are becoming increasingly wary of any park visits as they quickly turn into impromptu Spartan arenas complete with podium finishes and celebrations... (mostly from me).

Fingers crossed my training is on the right track and my family don’t kick me out before the show even starts for my lack of humility and over celebrating.

Silent prayers for us all if we don’t win!

You can watch Carrie Mill compete in Australian Spartan every Sunday night at 7pm on Channel 7.