Building Bigger And Rounder Deltoids

Any bodybuilder will know that having big, full, round delts are a must.

Throughout this article I will provide my insight into how to build reaction worthy shoulders.

During my time as a competitive bodybuilder I have always wanted shoulders that would separate me from the average gym rat. This ambition has driven me to fine tune my workouts and many other areas of training in which I can improve my overall physique.

How to build bigger deltoids

I will break it down into three sections:

  • Training frequency

  • Exercise and workout selection

  • Nutritional requirements

Read on to check out how I’ve build bigger delts.

Read on to check out how I’ve build bigger delts.

Training frequency

Training frequency is measured as the number of training sessions for a given muscle group or lift per unit of time.

Now for lagging body parts I would always train them twice per week and these sessions will be two different types of workouts.

Coming into a competition preparation I would make sure that I would be training shoulders twice per week as they were an area which needed improvement.

My usual training split would be 6 on 1 off, so I would make sure I trained shoulders at the start of the week and normally 3-4 days later (eg. Monday and Thursday).

Exercise and workout selection

Exercise and workout selection is something every athlete has to be able to manipulate to not get bored or not get complacent with their training.

As I previously mentioned I would be training shoulders twice per week, this means that session one will be a basic pyramid based session with added super-sets and drop-sets to really breakdown and thrash the muscle.

Exercises that were can be during these sessions are basic shoulder exercises like a shoulder press movement, side lateral movement, front raise movement, rear delt movement and then finish with some type of a shrugging exercise.

The aim of this session is to completely exhaust the delts and promote growth.

The second session is a little different. It’s about filling the muscle up with blood and getting a great pump from it. The variations of the same exercise are used but no drop-sets or super sets are used.

This session is about keeping the muscle full with blood and keeping a nice pump, the session is also normally run at a quicker pace to keep the blood inside the cells.

To build bigger delts try exercises like shoulder presses, side lateral raises, front raises and rear delt flies.

To build bigger delts try exercises like shoulder presses, side lateral raises, front raises and rear delt flies.

Nutritional requirements

Feeding the lagging body part is essential as without adequate nutrition nothing will grow and change.

During these two shoulders days I make sure to increase my carbohydrates, essential fatty acids and saturated fat within my daily meals.

The logic behind this is simple: When dieting the first body part to flatten out is usually your weakest one, so by having a higher calorie day on this body part you are trying to keep it as full as possible.

Alternate food choices I make on these days are: Incorporating salmon instead of tuna, steak instead of chicken breast and using unrefined extra virgin coconut oil with other meals.

I also increase my carbohydrate intake. This is made easy by using Bioflex Carbfusion. I would have a full extra scoop of this intra workout with my RecoverX and another extra scoop of this with my Bioflex Hydroflex WPI Protein shake post training.

Utilising these two scoops puts my carb intake up 100 grams with no bloating or stomach discomfort.

Use the theory for other body parts

This strategy has helped me develop and improve my shoulders beyond belief and I will continue to utilise this strategy with other body parts that need attention.

If you also have a lagging body part just try this protocol out and see if you also reap the rewards.

Train hard, train smart and grow!