BioLife has had a makeover!

You won't believe it! BioLife has had a transformation, and it’s better than ever. Our popular vegan protein has been reformulated to be dramatically smoother, creamier and tastier. Plant-based proteins are naturally grittier than whey based proteins which can make it hard to achieve that creamy milkshake consistency of a protein shake.

But we didn’t give up the fight and we’ve produced a vegan protein that is seriously good.

BioLife is a blend of organic rice and pea proteins that gives you 24g of protein per serve and an impressive spread of amino acids, making it perfect for muscle recovery and growth.

But wait! The good news doesn’t end there, we’ve also added delectable Salted Caramel to BioLife line-up. Plus, the original chocolate and vanilla flavours have been improved too!

If you are keen to try our newly reformulated BioLife, samples are available! Request yours today.

Even though it’s an ideal choice for vegans, it’s also very good for those who are sensitive to dairy and experience digestive discomfort.

Whether you have or haven’t tried BioLife or a vegan protein before, we highly recommend that you give it a go... we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

BioLife is the ideal whey alternative, no need to compromise nutrition or taste when choosing a vegan protein. BioLife is all you need.

Ask your local stockist if they already do or would considering carrying BioLife so you can stock up today.