7 Tips For Starting Out At The Gym

Do you want to get fit and healthy but are too intimidated to get going at the gym? We have some tips on how you can beat this gym anxiety and start smashing your goals!

We understand most people's fears when starting out on their fitness journey come down to a lack of understanding of equipment, exercises and the feeling of being judged as a newbie. But remember everyone is a newbie at some stage and we've all been through gym phobia before.

What is gym phobia?

It wasn't until recently that we discovered this fear is a real and documented occurrence.

In a research paper by Curves Australia they found 46% of Australians experience anxiety while working out around others. Of this group one third said this is what has stopped them from joining a gym.

So we're here to tell you that while gym phobia is real, it's also quite common and can be overcome. You're not alone.

Here are our top tips for beating gym anxiety and smashing your fitness goals.


1. Go with a friend

Like many things, going to the gym is more fun with a friend. It can also be less intimidating when there are two of you exploring a new gym and trialing new equipment.

Head along with a friend who is at a similar fitness level to you and you can encourage each other along the way.

2. Pick a gym that suits your needs

There are so many different gyms to choose from these days. We're talking 24/7, power-lifting, cross fit, boxing, group fitness training, female only and many more.

Choose one which best suits your needs and vibe. It's always best to pick one which isn't too far from home and has the equipment and classes you'd enjoy doing.

3. Train outside of peak hours

If you want to avoid training in front of other people, try to hit the gym before or after peak times. Question the staff and personal trainers about the quietest times of day. That way you'll feel more comfortable testing out the equipment and building up confidence.


4. Workout in public parks first

If you're not quite up to exercising around people in a confined space, try working out in public parks and spacious areas first. Mix up your regular routine by going for a jog or bush walk.

Even try doing a circuit at home with body weight exercises. This will help you to build up your confidence in exercising and have you along at a gym in no time.

5. Hire a PT

Personal trainers are an excellent tool to use if you're new to a gym. They know exactly what the equipment is for and can set you up with a great program. PT's also have the right knowledge to be able to put your goals on paper and help you start working towards them.

6. Don't be intimidated by others

Most people at the gym are far too absorbed in their own training to look and judge others. While you may feel as though you stand out as the newbie to the gym, most likely others won't notice and will keep going with their own workout.

7. Remember everyone starts somewhere

Remember everyone starts in the same place. No one was born at the gym. Don't worry about others and just be proud of yourself for starting out at the gym and working on your fitness.

The first day can be daunting, but be consistent and it'll only get better from there!