"I Don’t Have Time To Exercise" - Is This You?

Working full time as a primary school teacher and being married with two children, the number one question I get asked is - “How do you have time to train?”

To me it’s such a funny question and if I answered it the way I want to I would reply with - “How do you have so much time to be on Facebook/at a café/watching Netflix?”

A persons workload is relative, everyone is busy, trust me!

The difference, I believe, is priorities. I prioritise my training. To say my training comes first would be a lie, but it is a very close second!

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Finding time to train

When planning your day set aside 45 mins to one hour for yourself, your health and your well-being. That extra time is in your day, I promise, find it and use it to move.

Keep it simple to start with. Don’t be a workout snob (this is a whole other topic) and assume that high intensity or weights are the only workouts.

It can be a simple as walking around an oval while your children are at soccer training.

It can be catching up on work while kids are training, dancing or singing so you have time when you leave for yourself to exercise.

It can be starting your day an hour earlier while everyone else in your family is still in bed.

It can be meeting a co-worker before or after work at a gym or a park instead of a café or bar.

Realigning priorities

In a nutshell, we prioritize everything in our day, just some people have different priorities.

We all have the same 24 hours, it’s up to you how you choose to use them. I choose to prioritize myself and my health, which I believe ultimately makes me a better mum, wife and teacher.

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Need some inspiration?

Here is a quick body weight workout that can be done anywhere, anytime. I hope you give it a go!

Repeat these for 15 mins:

  • Shuttle run 50 metres

  • 30 high knees

  • Shuttle run 50 metres

  • 20 squats

  • Shuttle run 50 metres

  • 10 burpee broad jumps

  • Shuttle run 50 metres

  • 5 push ups

Just 15 minutes is all it takes to get you active and inspire you to continue on your heath journey.

So, I want you now to sit down and start by mapping 15 minutes each day you can use for exercise, then try increasing it to 45 minutes as time goes on!