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Why Become a Bioflex Stockist?


Bioflex is Proudly Australian

12 years ago Ben Crowley founded Bioflex in his kitchen, and now our head office is located less than 10kms from that kitchen. Much larger but still supporting the local economy.

We love to support local businesses, and we especially love to support events our stockist run or are involved in.

Research based formulations

Product fads come and go, but a mainstay of the supplement industry are products which are scientifically backed. All ingredients in our products are there because they provide benefits which are supported by legitimate studies.

You’ll also note that we’re not into marketing jargon, rather we tell you and customers what’s in a product and what effects it will have. This down to earth approach has seen us grow as a well respected brand.



Premium quality products

High quality supplements with zero fillers is at the heart of all Bioflex products. Every month we send a selection of our range to the National Measurement Institute (NMI) for analysis to ensure it is up to specification. We’re happy to provide the results of this testing to you or your customers.

Just another way we’ve earned an unmatched reputation for quality supplements.

You’ve got our backing

Are you having a launch event and want Bioflex samples? We’ll help out.

Do you need posters/banners for your recently opened retail shop? We’ll help out.

Are you struggling to get fans on your social media? We’ll help out.

To put it simply... we love supporting our resellers and we’re interested in hearing about any way we can help you grow your business. Because when you’ve got a strong business, we’ve got a strong business.



Great margins

And finally, we come to your bottom line - profits. All Bioflex products have a healthy profit margin, enough that many businesses offer every day discounts comfortably below our RRP.

We also offer a tiered pricing structure where you can save up to 25% on the wholesale cost just by placing a large order.

Sounds great, lets get started!

In order to become a reseller you’ll need to provide your Registered Business Name and ABN.

Be aware that completing the following form does not immediately grant you access to become a reseller, as we offer areas of exclusivity around new and current resellers. Therefore each application is assessed based on other resellers in the area and you’ll hear back from us regarding your account within 3-5 working days.

Note: All orders must be prepaid for a period of 6 months, after which you can request a credit application if you want to move to a 30 day account.

To apply to be a Bioflex stockist, please complete the following form.