About Taz


Say hello to Taz!

She’s an athlete, health and fitness professional, author, public speaker and mountaineer who loves inspiring others to achieve their goals.

Taz is a loving mum of two and even owns her own personal training business! Her current passion is kettle bells and since debuting at the Arnolds in 2017 she’s seen great success winning several golds and receiving world rank in the challenging sport.

Outside of her everyday life she’s a real adrenaline junkie who especially loves diving and mountain climbing. She’s even conquered three of the eight highest summits in the world.

Taz lives by the mantra “have a cause greater than yourself”, that’s pretty awesome, hey!

Q & A with Taz

Have you always had a passion for health and fitness?

Yes! I have been healthy and active my whole life. I was always out running with my dog or playing outside. I was a competitive sprinter during school and trained at the AIS in Canberra. From there my interest in health and fitness has grown and I have turned my passion into a profession and now manage XL Personal Training to help others achieve their goals.


How do you balance work and family with your training and comp prep?

Comp prep is a actually a time saver for me, as a Mum and business owner. I’ve found it really helpful to keep good food always available for me and the kids. When it comes to training I have to make that time for myself. If I can’t fit it in with the kids and my clients, I get it done before bed. Balance is key and rest is equally as important as training, provided you stay on track with your sessions and nutrition.

What  goals do you have for 2019?

I am currently training with world champion in Kettlebells Jad Marionovic as a sponsored athlete for Kettlebell Athletica and will be backing up my two gold medals this year as a novice competitor in full cycle and jerk 2 x 8kg bells. I am aiming to achieve another gold medal performance at the Arnold’s 2019, qualifying for world in Kettlebells. Full cycle, jerk and snatch with 2 x 12-16kg bells. A mountain or two may be on the cards depending on timing and family commitments. 


What is your ultimate cheat meal?

It used to be pancakes but now that’s structured into my meal plan! I am an absolute sucker for tacos and our home made pizzas where anything goes are also good. Donuts and pizza are a bit cliche in the body sculpting world but carbs, salt and sugar tick a lot of craving boxes. I also make a mean sundae with ice cream and anything else I can stack on top!

What are your favourite Bioflex Nutrition products and why?

The first product I ever tried was BioFurnace because it is exactly what I need to build lean muscle. ZMA is awesome for my muscle recovery, with the BCAA Pro and the Ripped Capsules for extra leaning to show off the hard work I’m putting in (ab city!) My guilty pleasure is the Protein Pancakes which keep me motivated during my morning workouts.

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