About Sinead

Say hello to Sinead!

She’s a personal trainer and vegan bikini competitor who is inspired to teach others how to build sustainable, healthy lifestyles that they will love.

Sinead recently competed in her first ICN bodybuilding show placing in all categories she entered, including 2nd place in Bikini First Timers as well as 3rd place in Swimsuit Model Overall & Opens.

Sinead’s philosophy is that you’ve got to start from the bottom to get to the top, hence why she named her business The Ground Up Personal Training!

Through The Ground Up Personal Training Sinead runs group boot camps on the weekends and offers one on ones as well as tailored programs.

All this at just 19 years of age? We can’t wait to see what Sinead does next!

Q & A with Sinead


How did your fitness journey begin?

My interest in health and fitness sparked after recovering from my own ill health and not enjoying the typical binge drinking lifestyle most young Australians live. I was sick of feeling weak and following the crowd. I wanted to be stronger physically and mentally.

I created an Instagram account to motivate myself and in turn, share this new passion of mine.

I stumbled across a bikini competitor's account on social media and it instantly became my goal to one day get onstage myself. It was then that I decided to step away from my structured gym class routine and instead join the boys in the weights room. I was this long, lanky young girl who was standing next to men who had been bodybuilding for years. I was intimidated and shy, but determined.

It's years later now and I'm happy to say I've done what I aspired to do and more. My social media following has grown, I've completed my Diploma of Fitness in Personal Training, become a Les Mills Body Pump instructor and have just started my own personal training business, The Ground Up Personal Training.

My fitness journey is only just beginning, but I can't wait to see what's next.


What is your nutrition philosophy?

As I am vegan, my diet consists of plant-based foods only. I believe that diet and training go hand in hand, what you put into your body is what you get out. I count my macros and focus on hitting my fats and protein and stick to whole foods with the least amount of ingredients.  I prefer to eat healthy food rather than junk as it makes me feel good and I've found that there’s always a healthier alternative to everything you enjoy eating!

I'm not the best at following recipes, but I do love cooking. My meals are usually very quick and easy so I completely disagree with those who say that eating healthy is time-consuming and expensive. Sure, it can be if you want it to be but if you buy in bulk and pre-prepare food, you’ll save a lot of time and money and you're guaranteed results.


What goals/plans do you have in the near future?

After getting off the ICN stage at the Tasmanian Health and Fitness Expo for the first time, I was instantly hooked on the sport. I've got a few more competitions planned for this year, I’ll be heading up to Melbourne in May to compete in the Mornington Peninsula Titles and then I'll have a little break before competing again in Season B. Depending on how I go, I'm hoping to make fitness model for Season B.

My personal training business The Ground Up Personal Training is really just starting. I'd love to have my own studio one day and focus on teaching sustainable health and fitness through all aspects (nutrition, strength, heart health and recovery). I'd love to train other girls to compete, form positive relationships with diet and exercise and prove that it's not 'drastic', 'boring’ or 'restrictive' to live a healthy lifestyle. Pretty much, I want to stop the 'quick fix' diet fads and overexercise obsession and promote sustainability within the fitness industry. However, at the moment, I'm focusing on running weekend boot camps and building up my clientele basis.

After taking time away from social media last year, this year I want really focus on letting it grow and promote my lifestyle of veganism and fitness and prove that the two really can go hand in hand.


What is your favourite clean treat to indulge in?

Anything with peanut butter will have my heart. I also do love a good chocolate avocado mousse, with peanut butter of course!


Sinead on Social Media

There's always something happening on Sinead's Instagram, check out her latest YouTube videos and be sure to visit her personal training page too!