About Kane

Kane's a bodybuilder, physical education teacher and proud dad from Melbourne.

He comes from a family of bodybuilders, both his father and uncle both successfully competed on the international stage and won numerous titles. So from a very young age, Kane always wanted to be a bodybuilder too. He began weight training at just 15 years old and never looked back.

Kane took home a first place trophy at the Victorian Bodybuilding Championships in 2015 and is competing in the upcoming IFBB Victorian Championships and the Arnold Classic both early in 2017.

Q & A with Kane

How do you balance work and family with your training and/or prep?

Balance is a major part of my life. I find that if I surround myself with people who understand the sport and the process it makes my sport a lot easier.

I have a fiancée who also successfully competes and has won multiple shows so she and I have an understanding of what it takes to be successful in the sport. That being said I will never let the sport get in the way of my relationship wit my little daughter.

The way I think is, I have chosen this sport so don’t let in interfere with my quality family time. Family first – Bodybuilding second!

What are your workouts like? How are they structured?

I work out on a 4 day split with 1 rest day at the end of a cycle. The main principle I use within my sessions is progressive overload. It is basic as it is proven to work.

This means I will constantly try to lift more weight or do more reps on basic core exercises to promote muscle hypertrophy.

A split will look something this: Legs/Calves, Shoulders/Triceps/Abs, Back/Calves, Chest/Biceps/Abs, Rest. Then repeat!

How important is nutrition to you and how do you manage it?

Without quality nutrition, you will never reach your potential in this sport!

Everyone can train with intensity but not everyone can control and manage what they put into their body. With the right foods and quality supplements, you give yourself the best opportunity to be the best athlete you can possibly be.

I have organised my own nutrition from day one and intend to keep learning and using myself as a test dummy to trial new approaches to better myself.

What is your ultimate cheat meal?

So many choices………

  • Burgers & fries and a large homemade rich cake.
  • Pizza, Cake and Ice-Cream.
  • Homemade cooked dinner and Apple Crumble with Custard.

The list can go on!!!!

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