About Carrie

Meet Carrie! She's a primary school teacher and mother of two by day and an Australian Spartan by night.

Carrie has always been a health and fitness lover and has played state level basketball for 18 years. She currently coaches kid’s basketball teams and absolutely loves it.

Carrie was a contestant on Channel Seven's Australian Spartan in the team VP Vangaurd with Phil and Stacey in 2018.

Q & A with Carrie


Have you always had a passion for health and fitness?

I have always been insanely competitive, I love winning and competing in anything. My fitness and training level has always been driven by this. I love looking and feeling strong and healthy!

You’re a teacher and mother of two, how do you find time to fit in your training?

To fit it all in I start my days at 4:00am. Making my day start that little bit earlier gives me the extra time I need to train.

Don’t look at training as a chore! I use my gym time for “me time” playing my favourite music and zoning out, not answering any questions, not looking after anyone, just me kicking some ass!

What’s your favourite cheat meal?

My favourite cheat meal would have to be wood fired pizza. Maybe with some sneaky lollies (not on the pizza... just after).

What’s your favourite Bioflex Nutrition product?

It’s hard to choose one because I have two. BioFurnace for Women in Chocolate and BCAA Pro in Lemonade.