If you don’t already know, Bioflex Nutrition is 100% Aussie owned and operated. We offer pure Australian made products at very competitive prices.

We love being local as we know how much good it does for our fellow Aussies.

So, if you don’t know much about us, we’ll let you in on the Bioflex story and how buying Australian really makes a difference.

The Bioflex Story

Bioflex, like any small Aussie business, had very humble beginnings.

It all started when Managing Director Ben Crowley was tired of having to buy supplements that were chockers with fillers and overdosed with sweeteners. Ben wanted pure supplements with nutritional panels that fully disclosed what was in the bag. When he struggled to find anything like this a business plan began to form and from this an exciting new brand, Bioflex Nutrition.

After many years of hard work, Bioflex evolved from a mere dream and side project into a thriving business. Today Bioflex stands as the Aussie alternative amongst the shiny American brands on shelves of supplement stores everywhere.

Supplements with a difference

At Bioflex Nutrition we don’t make crazy claims and we won’t promise you the world and give you nothing. We employ science to develop our products and only use proven ingredients. Our products are extremely pure, high in active ingredients and do not include fillers.

We want to provide you with the best nutritional support possible that’s also seriously good value for money; with Bioflex by your side, you can achieve your best results yet.

It’s hard yakka competing with the big brands and their pretty packaging but we believe in our Aussie range and love that you guys do too!

Why it matters

Does buying Australian made really help?

Yes, because every time you choose to purchase a homegrown product (like Bioflex) there’s a flow on effect that benefits all of us in some way.

By operating out of an area with low employment rates and employing local people, we are working to change this statistic and boost the local economy. We source Australian made ingredients wherever possible such as our WPC and our flavourings! We love to use local services when it comes to couriers, plumbers and electricians as Aussies are best when they work together.

So really, every little bit counts…

Not to mention that Bioflex products are manufactured by us in Tassie. The Bioflex family today covers a vast range of employees in production, dispatch, marketing and sales all working on site.

Supporting you, your friends and your family; it’s the Bioflex difference.

Supporting you

At Bioflex we love working with Aussie athletes; amateurs and pros alike. That’s why we sponsor a group of awesome Aussies and support them on their journeys to success.

Our Bioflex Ambassadors are a group of like-minded Aussie athletes who are passionate about the Bioflex brand. Each with their own story, our ambassadors use Bioflex products every day to help them become stronger, healthier and happier.

We really love being a part of success stories which is why we love hearing from you. We love seeing your Bioflex stacks and creations on social media and witnessing you reach your goals; happy customers makes what we do all the more important!

It’s within the core values of our company that helping others is the aim of the game. Whether it be through our supplements or our support at events we love to help Aussies be at the top of their game while enjoying every minute of it.

So, tackle your next goal with the support of our Aussie company behind you the whole way.

Find a Bioflex stockist near you and experience the Bioflex difference for yourself.

If you’d like to try before you buy, feel free to request a free sample and see what we’re talking about.

In 2005 Ben Crowley was on the lookout for supplements to support his training. Tired of taking supplements with fillers and high doses of sweeteners, he wanted a company that would put purity first. Not finding anything on the market to suit his needs, he set out to make his own and Bioflex Nutrition was born. While we’ve moved on from Ben’s kitchen, our core values haven’t changed.

We make supplements with a difference: no fillers and no hiding behind proprietary blends. By manufacturing the supplements ourselves here in Australia, we have a unique level of control over the production process.

We use high quality flavours and sweeteners at the lowest possible dose rate to provide you with a great tasting product that is as pure as possible.

With a range including proteins (including vegetarian and vegan options), Pre, Intra and Post Workout products, Amino Acids, Carbohydrates, Greens, Immune Support and Capsulated products, we have a supplement to suit your needs.

Our aim is to provide you with the best nutritional support while also ensuring product purity and value for money.

Bioflex Nutrition products are exclusively stocked by our many retailers across Australia.

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