About Zane

Meet Bondi based personal trainer Zane.

Zane discovered his passion for bodybuilding around five years ago when he began training to improve his strength and physique for rugby league.

From his gym training, Zane noticed big changes in his physique and fell in love with the process of sculpting his body shape ever since.

He’s a qualified Master Trainer and competes as a fitness model in bodybuilding competitions. In 2016 Zane placed 2nd in both the ANB Regional and National competitions in the Fitness Model category.

He'll be working hard in 2017 preparing to compete in bodybuilding Season B.

Q & A with Zane

What are your workouts like? How are they structured?

I train very high-intensity short rests and lots of sets.

My training is structured to five days training one body part a day. So I can put all my energy into that one muscle.

How important is nutrition to you and how do you manage it?

Nutrition is the most important part for me. I manage it by meal prepping 3 days in advance so I stay on track and don’t have blowouts.

What motivates you?

I get motivated by looking in the mirror and finding weak points I need to work on. That keeps me grinding day in and day out with training and my food prep.

What is your ultimate cheat meal?

PIZZZAAAA!!! You can never go wrong with a nice big supreme pizza.

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